Treating Migraines with Acupuncture


The symptoms of a migraine headache extend well beyond typical headache symptoms. While the typical headache usually lasts a few hours with few symptoms except short-term pain, migraine headaches potentially include more severe, even possibly debilitating symptoms.

For many individuals, acupuncture offers relief not experienced when relying on traditional treatments, including taking over the counter or prescription medications. Studies and other sources demonstrate the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating migraines. Get answers to your questions and learn how you can potentially get relief for your migraine symptoms when you trust an acupuncturist with experience using acupuncture for migraines in Monroe NJ.


How does acupuncture offer relief from migraine symptoms?

People suffering from migraines often suffer severe pain, light sensitivity, inability to concentrate and perhaps even experience an inability to perform normal daily activities. While many people suffer the occasional, short-term headache that goes away with an over the counter pain reliever, others experience regular symptoms caused by stress or tension, allergies or migraines.

When an individual who suffers from symptoms of a migraine gets a headache, the symptoms often prove severe. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness are not symptoms usually relieved by conventional headache remedies. In fact, one of the primary issues with over the counter medications as well as prescription medications is the fact that an individual may suffer from these very same symptoms after taking medications.

When you turn to acupuncture treatment for migraines, you possibly experience relief that you did not receive when relying on traditional migraine treatments.

Is acupuncture effective for treating migraines?

Several studies and reliable research information demonstrate the effectiveness of treating migraines with acupuncture. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) released information from a study demonstrating that acupuncture has the potential to actually prevent migraine headaches. Researchers conducting the study concluded that acupuncture is at least as effective in treating migraines as conventional treatments. Researchers called acupuncture “A complex intervention that may prompt lifestyle changes that could be valuable in patients’ recovery.” Researchers also recognized acupuncture as a safe, cost-effective treatment.

Cochraine researchers conducted research over a period of time and discovered that after three months of some subjects receiving conventional treatment while others received acupuncture for their migraines, more than half of participants undergoing acupuncture experienced greater relief compared to individuals receiving traditional treatment. After six months of acupuncture, the number of study participants experiencing relief from their migraine symptoms increased even more.

Will acupuncture help my migraine symptoms?

The first step in getting more information about acupuncture for your migraines is to consult with an acupuncturist who has expertise in using acupuncture for migraines in Monroe NJ. The acupuncturist discusses important information with you such as the symptoms and duration of your migraines, other health information as well as details about acupuncture for migraine treatment. The acupuncturist develops a treatment plan for your specific acupuncture for migraines needs.

Discover how acupuncture has the potential to offer relief for your migraine headaches.