Puma- the Fastest Sports Brand in the World


The brand PUMA is known worldwide as the brand responsible for creating and designing the footwear and apparel for the fastest athletes in the world. This German company has enjoyed great success since its beginning in 1928 when German athletes competed in the Olympics wearing shoes designed by PUMA. The company was founded on four values that remain the backbone of the company to this day. These four brand values are Brave, Confident, Determined, and Joyful. These four values combined with a great business strategy are what makes this company one of the most successful in sportswear.

In 2014 the brand came up with 5 strategic priorities that they plan on implementing from now on to keep the company at the forefront of the athletic brands competition.


Repositioning of PUMA as the World’s Fastest Sports Brand

PUMA has launched a new advertising strategy using the influence of celebrities to help build the brand including Rihanna, Usain Bolt, Arsenal London and more. The goal was for athletes to be considering using the PUMA brand in athletic competitions in 2016.

Improving their Product Engines

The addition of many new styles of shoes brought about great results from retail partners in 2015. This year also brought about the first shoe inspired by Rihanna and the results were that the shoe sold out within hours. There was much attention for the shoe on social media and in the press.

Optimize Distribution Quality

PUMA took a long hard look at how their products were being displayed and sold in retail outlets and changed things up a bit. With better fixtures and an increase in retail focus the PUMA saw a great increase in retail sales.

Increase the Speed of PUMA’s Organization

Renew the IT Infrastructure

These two strategies focus on making things more streamlined and efficient. In the sales department and in the IT department PUMA has seen great successes on making their production faster and thereby furthering their goal of becoming the fastest sports brand in the world.


Among the core values at PUMA are social, environmental, and economic sustainability. PUMA makes sure that their products are manufactured in a way that is environmentally responsible and respects human rights

Now that you know what a great brand PUMA is not only in quality but also in responsibility you’ll want to find a pair of shoes perfect for you.