Personal Support Worker in Toronto – Hope of Elderly and Disabled



Elderly, disabled or people suffering from chronic diseases are inevitably a part of any society. These people have specific needs and Personal Support Worker in Toronto are assisting such people in living a fulfilling life. This is a rewarding career with long term scope as the need for Personal Support Workers is increasing regularly to cater to such individuals with specific needs. The Personal Support Workers support the physical, social & psychological needs of the individuals. Various universities & colleges offer the Personal Support Worker program in Toronto. Individuals pursuing this course are trained in certain skills like interpersonal skills, family management etc. in order to do their job effectively.


Scope of PSW:

The skills in which the people registering for PSW program are trained include personal hygiene, basic needs, meal preparation, household and family management, interpersonal skills, helping clients with medications, restorative and palliative activities etc. With the training in these skills the PSW workers in Toronto can meet the needs of the specific individuals suffering from different problems. The needs of a disabled person are different from a person suffering from chronic disease. All the skills required by PSW workers can’t be taught inside a classroom. Certain innate skills like patience, compassion, good organization, and respect for others are very important for PSW workers to be successful in their career. Duties of a PSW worker extend from cleaning & maintaining hygiene to various other roles which in certain circumstances can’t be predetermined.

PSW as a career:

Those who feel a sense of joy in serving others and are ready to server others, this a very good career option for them. The duration of the course offered by various universities & colleges is less than a year which is light on pocket with the promise of a decent paying job. This course often involves theoretical as well as practical hands on training.  PSW trained individuals can be employed for home care, hospitals, long term care facilities, hospice care, oncological care, labs etc. Depending upon the level of care required Personal Support Worker can be hired for home care, hospitals, long term care facilities, hospice care, oncological care, labs etc. Need for PSW worker’s is increasing with increase in people needing assisted healthcare.